Today is the release of Lu and Ciel. I show you the Story from Lu and Ciel (Prologue Stage).

EXTRA TAGS: Add Add Kim New Character Elsword Add Elsword New Player Elesis Elsword Korea 엘소드 엘소드 Korea Class Change Pyro Knight Saber Knight Säbel Schwert Sword Elder Ruben Roxas Neku Elesis Grand Chase Elsword Korea Elesis German Elsword Korea Elesis Deutsch Elsword Korea Elesis English Korean Elsword Elsword Deutsch Klassenwechsel Class Change Elsword Elesis Gameplay Elsword Elesis Gameplay First Add Gameplay Add New Character Add Let's Play Add German Add Klassenwechsel Add Class Change Psychic Tracer 1. Kw Hamel Hamel 6-1 Dungeon Hamel Resiam Outskirts Infinity Sword Raid Boss New Raid Boss Dravaki Elsword Korea Raid Boss Gate of Time April's fool event Elsword Rangers Holy Fox (Red Spirit) 비호선 - 적령 Mount Pet New Mount Elsword Season 3 Elsword Mount 2014 Mount April Pedo Bear Pedo Bear Boss New April Event Boss Event Bear Reward Bear Boss Boxes Cube Open Box Open Open Bear Boss Boxes Open Bear Boss Cubes Revamp 2-1 New Enemy New Boss Vocaloid SeeU Altera Revamp Little Specter Ara Class Change 小妖 Avatar Set Secret Art Hidden Art Hidden Combo Elesis Dark Knigh Elesis Class Change Elesis Crimson Avenger Halloween Event 2014 Boss Cube Opening New Character Chemi Chemi Information Chemi Class Change Demon Lord Duo Character Switch Characters Lu/Ciel Pre-Creation inGame Models Elsword Comic Elsword Manga ElType Season 3 ElType English

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